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LG UF7700 Review and Pros & Cons

Posted by on Feb 18, 2016

LG UF7700 Review and Pros & Cons

Q1: What are the pros and cons of this LG model 4K TV?

A: The LG UF770 has many excellent features going for it as well as a few issues.

Some of the pros are: that this is a true 4K Ultra HD resolution TV with smart features and an LED backlight. The refresh rate is 120Hz, which is not bad for a user who is going to watch normal television or movies on it. This LG offers great color accuracy and the smart features are excellent for those wanting to stream music, films, TV shows, social media applications, and so on. The 65” screen is actually one of the smallest sizes this model has to offer, which is either a pro or a con depending on how you look at it, and your budget. This model comes in 60”, 65”, 70”, and 79”—the 60” costs $2,500 retail but you can get it for $1,400 online and the 79” TV costs $6,500 retail but you can find this as well for $4,500.

Some of the cons are: it is not a 3D TV, which many 4K manufacturers put in their 4K TVs as a standard. It also does not have the best picture quality. Both in bright and dark rooms, it has been noted that the contrast ratio is low and it has uniformity problems. The contrast ratio is only 795:1, which means poor blacks on display when the lights are off, despite LG boasting “True Black Color” in this model.


The standard deviation is almost 5% for black uniformity, meaning it has been noted by professionals that it is noticeably brighter in the corners than the rest of the screen and this variability is different with every unit sold. It also reflects more light than the average 4K television in this price range, making great viewing difficult.

I would not recommend this the LG UF7700 based on its poor contrast, poor viewing satisfaction, the lack of standard 3D, poor black uniformity, and poor local dimming. This model’s motion blur is also slightly worse than the average, so you will notice these differences in gaming, but not for normal television.

Personally, this 4K TV is not worth the money, and the features should be much better since it is a 4K television—LG did not put the correct equipment in this TV, opting instead for a cheaply made TV with poor performance almost across the board. For the price, it is almost insulting that they are selling this kind of poor quality to unknowing buyers.

Q2: What kind of app and streaming features come with this TV?

A: The LG UF7700 uses something called “LG webOS 2.0 TV,” which is a Smart TV feature designed to make searching for streaming apps and other programs easier on its simple interface. The launcher and live menu make this interface very easy to use and to switch over from one content to another.

LG’s WebOS 2.0 can connect to external devices and allow display sharing capabilities from a compatible tablet or smartphone.

You can find the following applications on this LG mode’s webOS 2.0: YouTube, Facebook, AccuWeather, Scheduler, Live TV, Web Brower, LG Content Store, and My Channels.


My Channels allows the user to customize their TV lineup or Launcher Bar for their unique uses, such as putting the Netflix application in the launch bar. Quick Settings allows the viewer to connect to devices to be recognized instantly for immediate use. The LG Content Store is where you find all of your TV Shows, films, and TV stations you love.